Tamara Oakley
Coldwell Banker Realty

 Confused about the real estate process? Here are some articles that I've written that will help you during your home buying or selling experience. 



There is a lot of property information that sellers aren’t required to provide unless asked. Before making an offer on a home, there are several questions that every buyer should make sure to ask to avoid surprises down the road.


First impressions matter when you’re trying to sell your home, so you need to make sure your showings start off on the right foot. Here are nine things that homeowners tend to overlook when getting their homes ready for prospective buyers.


While the housing market in Central Ohio is currently seller-friendly, there are still several ways for a homeowner to sabotage a home sale. Here are seven common mistakes that can cost sellers money and potentially ruin a deal.


If you’re trying to purchase a home in a competitive market, you need to be able to prove to the seller that you are the right buyer for their home. Here are a few ways to be a better buyer than the rest.